How to manage your Draytek router from the internet

Enable the remote management interface

Go to System Maintenance >> Management page

Enable the option Allow management from the Internet

Enable the interface that will be used to access the router from the internet.

In the example above, the HTTPS interface has been enabled, and the router can be accessed via this url: https://<THE ROUTERS WAN IP>

Setup an access list

This is an essential addition to increasing the security of your router

To restrict the remote access to a specific IP only, enable Access List then add the public IP of the remote host into the IP List. (The option should be disabled if the remote access peer doesn't have a static public IP. )

Enter a number at index in IP object. The IP/Mask will automatically show the corresponding profile at IP object.

To add a new IP Object, click on IP object, select an index number and use the Single IP address option to create.

Change interface port

(Optional change) In addition, you can change the management ports associated with any of the interfaces

In the above example, the HTTPS port has been changed from the default of port 443 to port 4433.

Next, enable 'Brute force protection'.

Access the router from the internet

The router would now be accessed from the following url: https://<THE ROUTERS WAN IP>:4433

and you will see this screen

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