Understanding broadband order statuses

Any order placed in the Metis portal will pass through various order statuses as the order progresses. These different statuses are explained below.

Order Status  Description 
Pending  Order sent to the supplier, awaiting acknowledgement from them. 
Acknowledged  Order confirmed with the supplier 
Committed  Order appointment confirmed by the supplier and a Committed Date has been advised. The order will be activated on this date. 
Completed  Order installation completed by engineer, service is ready to use and billing has commenced. 
Cancelling  Order is awaiting cancellation with the supplier. 
Cancelled/Cancelled up to PONR  Order cancelled with the supplier. PONR means Point of No Return, meaning it was cancelled between the order being placed, and 48 hours before the committed date. 
Rejected  Order has been rejected by the supplier. Suggests an issue with part of the order, and these will be reviewed by Packnet's support team. 
Delayed  Order appointment cannot be met. This might be because further work is required etc. If you want more information about an order that has a Delayed status, reach out to our support team for more information. 
Ceased  This status only applies to active orders, that have been ceased.
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