How to add/upload an audio or sound file or "IVR Recording"

This guide is for users who wish to add an audio file to their Metis account. We call them IVR Recordings or Rec Files. Once added, they can be used in dial plans and periodic announcements for Queues.


If you already have an audio file, ensure the file format is EITHER .wav, 8000Hz (8KHz), 16-bit, mono OR .gsm 

If you don't have an audio file, you need a device connected to your Packnet account

Option 1: I already have an audio file

Using the left-hand nav menu, click IVR Recordings:

  1. From the 'Upload Rec File' tab
  2. Select the "Click here to upload a sound file"
  3. Using your file explorer, select the file you wish to upload and click submit
  4. Wait for the upload to complete. Green success feedback will appear once the upload is complete

You can download your audio files in the View Rec Files tab. There is currently no server-side validation for the audio file format. Please test them to ensure successful playback.

Option 2: I need to record an audio file

Using the left-hand nav menu, click to the IVR Recordings:
  1. Click the Add Rec Number tab
  2. Enter your Number. Must be preceded by a * (e.g.*123)
  3. Enter a Filename. Click submit
  4. Using your Packnet device, dial the Number including the *
  5. A short beep will play signifying the beginning of the recording. Record your message
  6. Once completed, either stay silent for 1 second and the system will replay the message to you, or just hang-up
Your file will be available in the View Rec Files tab under whatever filename was given in step 3. If you need to re-record the message at any time (even when it's already used in a dial plan) simply redial the Rec Number as set in step 2. 
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