Incoming Call Features

A comprehensive overview of Metis' Incoming Calls applications and their meaning.

Feature Description Secondary Options
Answer Set the call to answered. Otherwise, it has no effect on the call. NB: Entered automatically before a Queue application to enable Music on Hold during Queuing
Background Play an audio file (Allows Caller Input) Sound file
Dial Place a call to internal extensions or an external number Destination (Internal Single Number, Internal Multiple Numbers,  External Number), Ringing time, Announcement played to recipient
GoTo Jump to a specific point in a dial plan Number, Dial Plan, Priority
Hangup Hangup the call
Playback Play an audio file Sound file
Queue Route call into a call queue Queue name, Ringing or Hold Music, Announcement played to recipient, Total Time Spent in Queue
Set Set a Caller ID or Line Identifier Line Identifier (text input)
Trunk Route call to a SIP Trunk Destination (Internal SIP Trunk)
Voicemail Route call to a mailbox Voicemail Mailbox, Announcement (Play Unanswered Message, Suppress Default Message)
Wait Wait and do nothing Wait time
Wait (Caller Input) Wait for an IVR Option to be entered Wait time
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