Call Summary & CDR Report

Call information and Call Detail Records (CDR) can be found in two places in Metis.

Note: Unanswered outbound calls are not recorded in the Call Summary Report or the CDR Report

Call Summary

This report can be used to report on all calls within a specific time frame. The maximum timeframe this report can be used for is the current month plus the previous six months.

Call data can be filtered by time, call direction (Inbound or Outbound), or the customer.

CDR Report

For CDR information that is older than 6 months, this is available via the Reports > CDR option.

This report can be used to download CDR files in CSV format. Inbound and Outbound calls are stored in specific files, and each file covers 'one month' time periods.

File Download

Download your CDR files as required and open them.

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