The Diagnostic page displays your device's registration status, along with other details such as:

  • User
  • User Type (Extension or Trunk)
  • User Agent (The type of device)
  • Registrar (The user's registration server)
  • The public IP address of the device
  • The public port the device is using to connect to its registrar
  • Latency (in miliseconds)
  • Status
  • Action (View more details)

Registration Status

The status column will display the cached (from the time of page load) status of your device's registration with our servers. The device's Latency is displayed in the Latency column.

Devices can have the following statuses:

  • OK 🟢 - The device is registered and ready to use.
  • UNREACHABLE 🟠 - The device stopped responding to server requests. The server is still trying to send requests to the device and expecting a response.
  • UNKNOWN 🔴 - The device is not registered and our server is not trying to send it requests. 
  • LAGGED 🟠 - The device is registered but its response time (latency) to our server requests is higher than expected. Indicates a connection problem. 

Show Device Details

Click the arrow to display additional details for a device. Some of these fields may not be populated, it depends on the information the device sends to our server. 

  • Public IP
  • Public Port
  • LAN IP
  • LAN Port
  • Codec Order
  • Primary Transport
  • Phone Type
  • Firmware Version
  • MAC Address
  • Latency
  • Status
  • Registrar

Diagnostics Graphs

Historic registration history can be viewed in graph format by selecting the Diagnostics Graphs tab.

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