Transferring calls on Yealink phones

There are two types of transfer

  • Press the Transfer key or select the Transfer softkey during a call.
  • Enter the number you want to transfer the call to or select a contact from the placed call list.
  • If you have a speed dial key setup, you can press that to transfer the call to the associated contact.
  • Press B Transfer or the Transfer softkey to complete the transfer
  • Whilst on a call, press the transfer key or the trans soft key. This will place the ongoing call on hold.
  • Enter the number you plan to transfer the call to and press send
  • This will connect you to the person you'd like to transfer the call.
  • After speaking with that person, press the transfer key or the trans soft key to complete the transfer.
  • You can cancel the transfer anytime by pressing the cancel soft key. This will return you to the original caller.
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