Customer Provisioning Templates

Customer Provisioning Templates (Templates) are used to deploy a group of settings and values to a specific phone model. Once a template is created, it can be set live to deploy the settings and values to the phone model MAC addresses. Deactivating a Live template will remove the settings and values from the phone's configuration file.

Create a new template

Template Name

Start by giving your template an identifiable name, such as the model of the phone (Yealink T19 E2) or a description of the template content (Snom Custom Ringers).

Select Manufacturer

Select from either Snom or Yealink.

Select Model

Select the phone model for the customer template. Templates can only be applied to one phone model.

Add Required Settings

Highlight the required settings for your template and click Add. Values are entered later.

To remove settings, highlight them in the 'Remove Unwanted Settings' panel and click Remove.

Save Changes

Click Save Changes to create your template. You will be taken to the Edit Template screen, from there you can assign setting values.

Assign setting values

Select the values for your template and click Save.

Set your template as Live

Finally, click Back to Templates and scroll down to find the All Templates panel. Click 'Set Live' to activate your template. Restart your phone and it will download its new configuration.

Other features

Update Settings

Existing template settings can be updated by clicking Update Settings in the All Templates panel.

Set Values

Existing template values can be updated by clicking Set Values in the All Templates panel.

Delete Template

Existing templates can be deleted by clicking Delete in the All Templates panel. Deleted templates cannot be recovered.

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