Provision Snom or Yealink handsets

Access to Packnet Provisioning is via the Hardware page of your Metis account.

From there you can provision new phones, create new templates and manage whatever is already there

Add a MAC address

The Add New Phone panel lets you add a new MAC address, specify the model and assign an extension in one go. 

  1. Select your model 
  2. Select your extension 
  3. Enter the MAC address in the MAC Address field 
  4. Click Add Phone
After adding your MAC address, it is presented in the “Phones” panel underneath. From there you can start to manage additional settings, the phone’s firmware and generate new web interface passwords.

Manage existing phones

To view an existing phone’s settings, click View next to the relevant MAC address in the Phones panel. From here you can also add/remove/edit Additional Settings.

Add/remove additional settings

To add additional settings to your MAC address, you must first select them by clicking “Add / Remove”.

Highlight your required settings (ctrl+click to multi-select) and click Save Changes. 

If you are removing settings, highlight unwanted settings in the right-hand table and click Save Changes. 

If you add any additional settings, you will be redirected to “Edit phone-specific settings” where you can assign setting values.

Updating firmware

Using the Change Phone Firmware panel, select your firmware from the drop-down list and click “Save and Deploy”.

Updating the web interface password

You can view and generate a new web interface password in the “Change Web Interface Password” panel. Click the Refresh icon to generate a new password. Passwords will always be randomly generated. Click the History icon to view previous web interface passwords. 

Removing a MAC address

You can remove a MAC address by clicking the red X icon.

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