SIP Trunks

SIP Trunking is VoIP technology that allows us to deliver our telephony services to your private PBX system. SIP Trunk features are found on the Trunks page in Metis, from here you can create, modify and delete your Trunks.

Using your SIP Trunk

Our SIP Trunks are proven to work with some of the most popular IP PBXs including MS Teams (Direct Routing Trunk), 3CX, FreePBX and more.

To enable your Packnet SIP Trunk, find your PBX's SIP Trunk page and enter your username, password and registration server.

Creating a SIP Trunk

Using Metis, go to the Trunks page and click 'Create a Trunk'. Then using the form, configure your Trunk with:

  1. Trunk Number - Unique identifier for your Trunk. Refer to the help text for restricted number ranges
  2. Voice Channels - How many simultaneous calls your Trunk can handle
  3. Type - Direct Routing (MS Teams) or Standard (all other PBX providers)
  4. Outgoing Group Settings - Use an existing Outgoing Trunk Group or create a new one

Click Submit to create your Trunk.

Modifying your SIP Trunk

Some Trunk configurations can be changed after creation:

  • Password (refresh randomly generated)
  • Voice Channels
  • Existing Group

Outgoing Trunk Groups

An Outgoing Trunk Group is required for your Trunk to make calls. Outgoing Trunk Groups are slightly different to Outgoing Extension Groups, you must select:


Select a Caller ID from a list of active numbers, or Inbound Caller ID Preserved (Caller ID Passthrough). Inbound Caller ID Preserved is for Trunk groups ONLY.

Group Name

Enter an identifying name for your Outgoing Trunk Group.

999 Caller ID

Select a Caller ID to use whenever you access emergency services.

Allow International Dialling

Enable if you require access to international destinations.

Withhold Caller ID

Enable if you wish to withhold your Caller ID (does not affect calls to emergency services).

Recording SIP Trunk calls

Incoming calls

Incoming call recording is enabled on a per-number basis on the Call Recording page.

Outgoing calls

Outgoing call recording is enabled on a per-outgoing trunk group basis on the Call Recording page, under the Trunk Recording tab.

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