Find your device's IP address

Most IP phones have a web interface where you can configure and customise your settings. To access the web interface, you first need to find the device's IP address.

All IP Phones require a username and password to log in to the web interface. If your device is provisioned through Metis, the access information is displayed on your Hardware page.

Yealink desk phones

Yealink desk phone (e.g. T1X, T2X, T3X, T4X, T5X series) IP addresses can be found by pressing the OK button. The IP address will be shown on the first line, labelled as IPv4.

Alternatively, press the Menu or Settings key and then select Status. The IP address should be shown on the first line labelled IPv4.

Yealink base stations

  1. Pick up one of the handsets registered to the base station, then press OK.
  2. Navigate to Status > Base.
  3. The IP address of the Base will be displayed on the screen.

Snom phones

Your Snom phone will always display its IP address on start-up.

Or you can press the Settings key and navigate to Information > System Information.

Gigaset base stations

To obtain the base station's IP address from a handset, press the paging button on the Gigaset Base Station. The IP address will be shown on all paired handsets.

A system PIN is required to access the base station's web interface. The default pin is 0000. If your base is configured by Packnet, then our support team send you the system PIN following a successful order.

Alternatively, you can try browsing to in your browser. Any base stations on the same local network should be displayed on this web page.

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