Where can I see Call Rates

All Call Rates can be found on Metis

From the left menu, select Call Rates

View Base Rates

Use the download option in the top right to download a CSV file with all call rates.

The columns shown in Metis and the file are as follows;

Header Line Description
Location Dialling destination
Code The numeric location reference
Peak Charge Per Minute cost to dial the location in UK GBP, between 8 AM and 6 PM, Mon - Fri.
Off Peak Charge Per Minute cost to dial the location in UK GBP, at all times not covered by the peak charge.
Connection Charge The cost to connect the call

Use the Rate Name search box to find a specific rate. It is a predictive search, type what you are looking for, and the results will be displayed.

Use the A-Z tool to list their associated rates. Just click on the letter to see the option. For example, the UK option will show specific UK Rates, and it is the same for the UK NGN (Non-Geographic Number) option.

View Surcharge Rates

This report shows all the applicable call surcharge rates when dialling.

You can use the search box to find a specific surcharge or the Destination dropdown to see rates associated with particular network operators.

Header Description
Origination The location the call originates from.
Destination The rate associated with the number being called.
Surcharge (£) The surcharge cost per minute associated with the call.
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