Call Recording Storage report

Use this report to check how much call recording storage you have used in the past 30 days or check previous monthly amounts. The Call Recording Storage Report can be found by selecting Reports from the nav menu and clicking the Call Recording Storage tab. 

For up-to-date Call Recording Storage (GB) costs, check your Pricing page

Hover over the graph bars for the exact Gigabyte (GB) usage

30 Day report

Running the 30 Day report will output a bar graph showing you your peak daily call recording storage in GB for the previous 30 days. The report can be used to estimate next month's storage costs. 

You will be charged for the peak GB usage during a month, for example, if you use 30GB on the 2nd of the month and 25GB on the 30th you will be charged for 30GB total storage. 

Previous Months

Click the graph bars to get a daily breakdown for that month

Running the Previous Months report will output a bar graph showing you the peak usage so far for This Month, and the peak usage for the previous six months. 

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