How to pair a Gigaset handset

  1. Plug in your Gigaset N300IP or Gigaset N510IP basestation into a power source and connect it to your router or local network. Wait a few minutes until it finishes booting up and displays a solid blue light on the front. 

  2. Get your handset out of its box and put in the batteries. It may not have a charge so plug the handset cradle into power and leave the handset in there for a moment before turning it on.

  3. On the base station, press the soft button on the front for a few seconds. Warning: don’t hold it in too long or you could factory reset the base, a few seconds is sufficient. The blue light should start to pulse at a slow frequency which means the base is in registration mode.

  4. Grab a handset and press the Right Arrow Key (→), then select Settings, then Registration and then Register Handset. The handset will search for an available base and then request a PIN Number.

  5. Enter your pin (default 0000), or ask Packnet support for your PIN, and wait a few seconds. The handset will confirm when it has successfully registered.

  6. Repeat as necessary depending on the number of handsets.
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