How to manually configure a Gigaset base

Plug your N300IP or N510IP basestation into the power and make sure that a network cable connects it to your router or local network. Wait a few minutes until it finishes booting up and displays a solid blue light on the front. 

Find your Gigaset basestation's web interface by following this guide: How can I find my Gigaset Base

Make sure you have a SIP Extension to enter into the Gigaset Basestation

Configure a basestation with a SIP Extension

  1. Using the device's web interface, click Telephony, then Connections. Find your handset under IP Connections, and click Edit.

  1. Enter your SIP Extension username into 'Authentication name' and 'Username'
  2. Enter your SIP Extension password into 'Authentication password'
  3. Enter your SIP Extension registration server into 'Domain' and 'Registration server'
  4. Leave everything else to default and click 'Set'

Pair a handset with the basestation

To pair your handset with the basestation, follow this guide: How to pair a Gigaset handset.

Number assignment (assign an extension to a handset)

After configuring your basestation with extensions and pairing your handsets, go back to the basestation's web interface and select Telephony -> Number Assignment.

Find your handset and select which extension(s) to use for incoming and outgoing calls.

You can only select one extension for outgoing calls but multiple extensions can be selected for incoming calls.

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