Factory reset a Gigaset base station

Sometimes we need to factory reset a base if it has changed ownership or for further troubleshooting. This guide covers how to factory reset a Gigaset N300IP or N510IP base station. 

Factory reset via Phone UI (clear handset assignment and reset PIN)

  1. Unplug the base from the power source (either the plug or the ethernet cable if you are using PoE)
  2. Hold down the soft button on the front of the base and reconnect the power. Keep the button held down until the blue light flashes rapidly for twenty seconds then release it
  3. Your base should now be reset

Factory reset via Phone UI (retain handset assignment and PIN)

There is an alternative way to reset the base but retain the handset pairing and the PIN. 

  1. On any connected handset go to Settings > System > Base Reset 
  2. Enter the PIN (default 0000) and the base will reset and restart after about ten seconds

Factory reset via web UI

  1. Find your base's IP using this link (Gigaset) or look it up on your router
  2. Enter the PIN and login
  3. Go to Settings > Management > Reboot & Reset 
  4. Click on the Start Factory Reset button as shown below 

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