Manage your extensions, voicemail and virtual voicemail

Choose the 'Extensions and voicemail' option from the left menu, under the 'Voice Control Panel'

The following tabs are shown;

View Extensions and voicemail information

The Manage tab allows the user to see all extension information

Field Name Description Additional Information
Ext No. SIP Extension number Unique Identifier
Name Name of the person the extension is associated with
Voicemail Type of voicemail associated with the user

None - no voicemail was created

Mailbox - user stored voicemail on the network that can be accessed via a dial code and PIN. Copies of voicemails are emailed to the user's associated email address. Message limit of 100.

Email = all voicemails are removed from the network after emailing the user's associated email address.

SIP username SIP Authentication detail Protected field
SIP password SIP Authentication detail Protected field
Registrar SIP Authentication detail
Outgoing call group The outgoing call group defines the callerid used by the extension and associated emergency service information. See 'How to set and outbound call group' for more information.

Choose from the following options:

Modify, Delete, View voicemail details or Add voicemail details.

Modify - Change extension attributes.

Delete - Permanently remove extension and voicemail.

Add Voicemail Details - If an extension has been added via the 'Add range' feature, use this option to add voicemail information.

View Voicemail Details - Show additional voicemail information, user's email address, voicemail PIN and number of messages held on the network.


Within the Manage tab, the actions available are;

Modify Extension and voicemail

Delete Extensions and voicemail

View voicemail details

Add voicemail details

Actions options

Modify Extension and voicemail

The modify option allows the user to change the sip password, associated outgoing call group and voicemail details.

Modify extension and voicemail

Delete extensions and voicemail

Pick delete from the actions options to delete an extension and associated voicemail. This will immediately and permanently remove the extension and voicemail.

View voicemail details

The following additional information will be displayed using this action.

View vociemail details

Add voicemail details

This action will allow the user to add the Name, email address and voicemail PIN.

Add/MOdify voicemail details

Adding Extensions and Virtual Voicemail

Add a single extension and associated voicemail

Add a range of extensions and associated voicemail

Add a virtual voicemail

View and manage virtual voicemail

Add options

Add a single extension with a voicemail

Add a single extension and voicemail. Within this screen, the user can decide if voicemail is required and what type of account is needed.

Add a single extension and voicemail

Add a range of extensions with voicemail

Add a range of extensions and voicemail. The user can decide whether voicemail is added to each extension within this screen. The voicemail details should be updated via the Manage, modify option.

add extension range
add extension range

Virtual Voicemail

Add a virtual voicemail

What is a virtual voicemail? A virtual voicemail is a voicemail that is not connected to an extension.

To add a virtual voicemail, enter the required information, voicemailbox number, the user of the voicemail box (e.g. this can be a person or a department), email address and PIN.

Add virtual voicemail

View and manage virtual voicemail

Select the virtual voicemail tab. Choose from the options in the dropdown list in the Actions column.

View virtual voicemail information

Setting - Busy Lamp Field and Call Pickup

Use this screen to enable each of these features.

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