Lead times for different broadband orders

All lead times are from receipt of a fully validated order when submitted from the Metis portal. Target delivery dates exclude any activity that requires a survey, non-gold addresses or installations that require additional line plant. 

Delivery dates are also subject to supplier engineer availability. Working days do not include weekends, public holidays and regional public holidays. 

New Provide: Brand new service installation

Migration: Transfer a service that you already own

Working Line Takeover (Migration): Transfer ownership of a working line from the current building occupant

Restart Stopped Line (Migration): Reactivate a ceased line (ensure the line is in good working condition where no additional work is required)

Succession Provide: Provision FTTP onto an existing ONT. Ensure ONT reference matches yours and the device is powered on. No engineer visit required.

Modify: Change the product, speed or care level of an existing service

Cease: Cancel an existing service

Order Type FTTC & Gfast SOGEA FTTP
New Provide 10 working days 10 working days 3 working days
Simultaneous Provide 10 working days N/A N/A
CP - CP Migration 10 working days 10 working days N/A
Succession Provide (FTTP) N/A N/A 1 working day
Modify (speed/profile/care level) 1 working day 1 working day 1 working day
Modify (product) 10 working days 10 working days 3 working days
Cease 3 working days 3 working day 1 working day

Expediting an order

Expedites can be ordered for New Provide orders to potentially bring forward the installation appointment. Submit any expedite requests to our Support Team.

Please refer to your Pricing page for up-to-date pricing.

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