Cease orders

Any connectivity order placed using Metis can be ceased from within the Broadband Report.


  • Service "Zen ASDL/ADSL2+ Cease" must be enabled
  • Service "Zen SOGEA/FTTC/FTTP/Gfast Cease" must be enabled
  • Service "Zen Early Termination Charge" must be enabled

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Types of Cease orders

Cease Type Description
Managed Cease orders that are placed via Metis.
Unsolicited Cease orders that are a consequence of one of the following;
  • Service being migrated to another provider
  • For ADSL, FTTC and G.Fast, the WLR line associated with the connection has been ceased.
Unknown Cease orders has been created, but Openreach has not provided the reason

How to place a Cease order

Go to the Reports page, click the Service Reports tab, click Broadband and then click Orders.

Find your service and, using the Actions drop-down menu, select Cease Order.

Finally, select a Cease date and submit your order.

Unsolicited Cease orders

Unsolicited cease orders are notified to us via Openreach when:

  • A service has been migrated away to another ISP
  • For ADSL, FTTC and G.Fast, the WLR line associated with the connection has been ceased.

For example, you use Packnet for your FTTC 80/20 and Company B for your WLR3 line. If you cease the WLR3 line, Company B will inform Packnet that this will also cease our FTTC 80/20 service, and an Unsolicited Cease order will be created.

Billing for Cease orders

Following the completion of a cease order, or completion of an unsolicited cease, an invoice will be created containing relevant cease charges. 

The charges will differ depending on the service which we've outlined below:

Product family Cease Charge Early Termination Charge Contract Remainder Charge
FTTC Always If cancelled within 12 months No
Always If cancelled within 12 months No
Gfast Always No Yes (12-month minimum term)
SOGEA Always If cancelled within 12 months No

Broadband Report - Order details: Cease Information

When any cease order is created, additional information will be shown in the Broadband Order report, order details section.

Information Field Description
Status For managed cease orders, the order status will be  'Cease in Progress' when submitted and 'Ceased' when completed.
For unsolicited cease orders, the order status will be 'Ceased' when completed.
For unknown cease orders, the order status will be 'Ceased' when completed.
Requested Cease Date When a managed cease is placed, this is the date that was requested initially
Ceased by The user who places the cease order.
For Unknown and Unsolicited cease orders, this will always be listed as METIS_USER
Cease Type Managed, Unsolicited or Unknown
Committed Cease Date The initial date that Packnet are advised the cease will complete
Cease Date The actual cease completed date
Contract End Date The contract end date of the service
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